The author of the photos displayed at the e-exhibition entitled ‘Poznałem Martę’ [I have met Marta] is Artur Turek, a second-year film and multimedia student at the Warsaw Film School, who is passionate about photography, film and life.

Krzysztof Bieliński is the artistic supervisor of the photos and Kamil Myszkowski is the curator of the exhibition.
The series of photographs was created during rehearsals for the play ‘W zawieszeniu’ [In Suspension], a monodrama by Monika Wachowicz, directed by Arti Grabowski. The idea for the ‘W zawieszeniu’ project was initiated by Marta Paradecka, when she experienced an extreme situation, which in her case took the form of a disease. ‘The idea of a dramatic approach to this situation is also an answer to other people’s constant questions about how I feel when I am ill.’ The performance is an epitaph for Marta.
The photographer has gradually got to know Marta, a real and fictional character, a person struggling with cancer. The presented photos are an attempt to capture the emotions of a person struggling with themselves while affected by a disease.

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