ART FOR LIFE foundation

ART FOR LIFE Foundation

Our mission is to act around CULTURE AND ART as values that give a deeper meaning human life.
‘If you set out on a journey let it be long wandering that seems to have no aim groping your way blindly so you learn the roughness of the earth not only with your eyes but by touch so you confront the world with your whole skin…’
Zbigniew Herbert, ‘Journey’

Our goals:

  • Activities that integrate healthy, sick and disabled people through various forms of art.
  • Activities in the field of preventive healthcare and health protection, especially for people suffering from cancer.
  • Activities for femininity as a cultural value.
  • Artistic activity in the field of theater, literature, music, visual arts, fine arts, photography, film and multimedia.
  • Protection of cultural heritage.
  • Educational and scientific activities.
  • Charity.


    • President: Monika Wachowicz
    • Vice- chairman: Małgorzata Wachowicz

Foundation Board:

    • Chairperson: Katarzyna, Maria Pryc

Board members:

    • Elżbieta, Alina Wojnarowska
    • Magdalena, Anna Wilk
    • Tomasz, Andrzej Paradecki

The logo of the Foundation was designed by Joanna Marchewka.

Monika Wachowicz, Chairman – She graduated from Polish philosophy at the Silesian University in Katowice and from acting at The Lart Studio in Cracow. Monika is a dancer and a theatre teacher at physical theatre company named A Part Theatre ( Teatr A Part). Since 2007 she has been involved in the production and organization of the International Festival of Performing Arts Theaters A PART. Monika runs an acting studio at the A PART Theater. Monika collaborates with a Danish theater Cantabile 2: site specific project ,,Venus Labyrinth” (acting, 2009) and a spectacle called HAIKU (acting, 2010, 2011), Amareya Theatre (acting, 2018), coproduction of Teatr A Part (with Theaterlabor Bielefeld in Germany and Leith Theater in Edinburgh in Great Britain) was on the stage of Leith Theater ( acting, 2018, 2019). Since September 2019 Monika has been President of the art  at The Marta Paderecka  Art for Life Foundation

Małgorzata Wachowicz, Vice-chairman – She is a psychotherapist, she conducts individual therapy practice. She is interested in psychoanalysis and photography.

Małgorzata Wachowicz

Katarzyna Pryc, Chairperson – she is currently a manager of the Movie Theater Rialto – an outstanding, multifunctional object in Katowice. Former actress of alternative theatres – COGITATUR and A PART. Educated as a Polish philologist at the Silesian University, passionate about literature, film, music, yoga and… mountains.

Elżbieta Wojnarowska – she is a mother of two young children. She likes cooking, baking cakes and the American step dance.

Elżbieta Wojnarowska

Magdalena Wilk

I’m a  mother and it’s the most important role of my life. Spending time with other people teaches me how I can be a  better person. My friends tell me that I’m  helpful and friendly – I hope it’s true.

Tomasz Paradecki – I am a graduate of schools.
I am an employee of companies. I was the boy who dreamed. I was married to the founder of the Foundation. I will be more effective in helping beings.
I’ll be more joyful. Besides, I like the Monthy Python’s Flying Circus, chilli and Sunday mornings in the company of my cat.

Marta Paradecka

Marta Paradecka (24/07/1979 – 12/01/2018).
Marta founded the ART FOR LIFE foundation in 2016. As part of the foundation, she organized the projects:
2016 “WHO YOU ARE – WHO I AM – I look at the faces of my ancestors” (a theatrical journey into the past, to their ancestors and families)
2017 “ART IN THE SERVICE OF THE SPIRIT AND THE BODY” (artistic events aimed at people suffering from oncology (therapy through art: theater, photography).
Marta was an actress of the COGITATUR Theater and a co-founder of the A PART Theater in Katowice. She completed Postgraduate Studies in Theater Directing Children and Youth Theater School in Wroclaw.Marta conducted stilt workshops, organized performances, workshops and cultural events. She was the organizer of many artistic actions, helped and supported, colored, inspired, art accompanied her at every step.
After her death, the family proposed acquisition Foundation Monika Wachowicz.

ART FOR LIFE foundation
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