Art in the Service of Spirit and Body

Art in the Service of Spirit and Body – project completed in 2017 The main purpose of the ART FOR LIFE Foundation is to work around CULTURE and ART as these are the values that provide the deeper meaning in life. Throughout the realization of the “ART AT THE SERVICE OF BODY AND SOUL”, we […]

Who I am – who you are

Who I am – who you are – project implemented in 2016 The project “WHO ARE YOU- WHO AM I – I see myself in my ancestors’ faces” was completed in 2016. The project was about cultural heritage and it combined historical debates with the art of theatre. In this project, the history had a […]

Art for Life

The project entitled ‘Art for Live’ is an important element of the activities of Marta Paradecka Foundation Art for Live As part of this project, the website of the foundation was created, also adapted to the needs of visually impaired and deaf people. We invite you to a virtual exhibition of photos by Artur Turek […]

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