Art in the Service of Spirit and Body – project completed in 2017

The main purpose of the ART FOR LIFE Foundation is to work around CULTURE and ART as these are the values that provide the deeper meaning in life. Throughout the realization of the “ART AT THE SERVICE OF BODY AND SOUL”, we wanted to create a place that helps develop creative passions and talents for people fighting an oncological disease and those facing a social rejection. The artistic activities were a therapy through art and were supposed to encourage the ill ones to go out, improve their quality of life, self-confidence and talents, and also to show them new perspectives, give them a sense of belonging and awaken their active participation in culture.

The final effects of the project were: an art exhibition showing works made by the participants (handcrafted works, a photography exhibition), a presentation of a 2018 calendar and Monika Wachowicz’s solo performance titled “V”.

The completion of the project and the performance took place at the Regional Centre of Culture named after Z. Herbert.

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